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For the Longest time, I have been looking for a utility that backup my home personal computers which are on a small Windows 2003 Domain. Two are XP Pro clients, the third is my FTP, and WEB Server.

I have lost some files in the past due to drive failure, and the backup I had on tape had some corrupted files.

This program allows you to choose what to backup, create different backup sets, will allow you to ZIP the files to the destination, or just leave them as they are. Creates seperate subfolders for each backup. Will backup new files or folders in the source folder or drive you choose. Is very easy and simple to use. You can configure it to send you an email alert after the scheduled backup job is complete. This is the bakup utility I have been looking for. And when doing a restore, no other prpgram is needed. If you choose to ZIP the files, just UNZIP them, if you left them as they were, just copy them back. And this utiltiy does not cost hundereds of dollars. Excelltent and highly recommended!!!

While I have plans of switching to Mac full-time in 2007 (and am taking steps to make that dream a reality) I'm still primarily a PC guy, for now. So I needed some sort of backup utility for Windows. I'll start by saying that backing up Windows files, in general, is far more complicated and unintuitive than backing up Mac files. Even if you're really careful about keeping your files organized in a certain folder, which I am, you still have to do a bit of scrounging if you want to make sure you get all your program settings. I've tried several different applications, and have found that most of the personal utilities for backing up Windows machines are a pretty scary lot and don't help simplify the process all that much. Also, most applications confuse the user with backup methodologies and choices that most people don't want to worry about. With KLS Backup, you get some flexibility in this regard. You have the option of making custom choices with your backup if you want more control and know what you're doing. But if you don't, the software provides a pretty decent toolset for helping you find the right files to back up and make decisions on the best backup methodologies to employ. Again, let me reiterate: using this software is still not as easy as something like Super Duper for Mac. But I think any PC solution is going to require an investment in time to understand a few basic concepts. So far, KLS Backup is the most intuitive Windows utility I've found for implementing a backup strategy.
(Backing Up: A Gospel,
After adding a second hard drive I needed dependable software to keep folders synchronized daily. I also needed to archive GBytes of data to DVD on a set schedule with compression and encryption. After evaluating numerous backup utility trial versions, KLS Backup 2006 was my final choice. Purchasing and receiveing the product key was accomplished in less than an hour (during a weekday). I've now scheduled all of my synchronization and backup sets to run in the background. This product met all of my expectations and was intuitive to set up and manage. The program has other features I do not need at the moment, but nice to know they are there when the time comes.
KLS Backup 2005 is comparable to competing backup applications in this price range. However, we particularly like this tool's ability to backup the popular Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla profiles. We also liked the interface--ideal for the more novice user. KLS Backup 2005 provides an all-in-one-window integrated workspace. In this integrated workspace, all windows and panels are integrated into a single larger application window. The workspace provides easy access to the various tools and features you can use to browse, view, edit, and manage your backup sets. Again, ideal for the novice user, powerful and flexible enough for more advanced users and overall, competitively priced.




CNET editor's rating: 4 stars
FileForum 5 stars rating

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