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Easy-to-use, powerfull integrated workspace

The integrated workspace provides easy access to the various tools and features you can use to browse, view, edit, and manage your connected clients and profiles. Wizards will help you to connect to new remote clients, create new backup profiles, restore files and manage archives.

KLS Backup 10 Control Center Workspace
Manages multiple clients from a single window

The KLS Backup 10 Client is typically installed on multiple servers and workstations. Use the Control Center to manage all backups from a single central location.

KLS Backup 10 Control Center Workspace
Flexible backup options

KLS Backup 10 supports full, incremental and differential backups. The archives are stored using industry standard Zip and 7z compression with strong AES encryption.

Backup Options
Broad storage support

KLS Backup 10 allows you to backup data to/from local and network drives, cloud storage, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV servers. Supported cloud storage services include:

  •   Amazon S3
  •   Microsoft Azure
  •   Google Cloud Storage
  •   OneDrive
  •   OneDrive for Business
  •   Box
  •   Backblaze B2
  •   Rackspace
  •   OpenStack

KLS Backup 10 Client uses the integrated Backup Service engine to schedule unattented backup jobs. You can easily create a scheduled task to run daily, weekly, monthly, or at certain times.

Advanced archive management

KLS Backup 10 maintains a library containing a history of backup jobs and the files contained in each backup run. This feature offers a clear view over backup history, and allows you to keep track of file versions. You can restore any full, incremental or differential archive any time with a single click.