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You can run backup and synchronization jobs from the command prompt, Windows PowerShell or from a batch file by using the klsbcmd command followed by various parameters.

The klsbcmd syntax is:

klsbcmd -"Action" "Profile Name" ["Task Name"] [-"Backup Type"]

Action: action to perform, currently only r (or run) is supported.

Profile Name: name of the backup profile as listed in KLS Backup.

Task Name (optional): name of the profile task as listed in KLS Backup or the task id. If this parameter is missing the default task is used.

Backup Type (optional):

Example: klsbcmd.exe -r "My Backup Profile", runs the "My Backup Profile" backup or synchronization job using the default task. Use the i switch to force an incremental backup to be performed: klsbcmd.exe -r "My Backup Profile" "BackupTask1" -i.